Jane Alice Liu

Jane Alice Liu


Jane worked as the former Editor-in-Chief at FoodUnfolded and is the Creative Director of The Right Feeling. Her passions include environmental and social issues, sustainability and systematic change.  


Jane graduated from Imperial College London with a Science Communication MSc, and received her Bachelor's in Environmental Science. She has worked with local cities, universities, FlavourSenseNation, Caravan Media Productions, and captures "The Right Feeling" through her podcast.  

Articles by Jane Alice Liu

Does Fairtrade Really Work?

A critical take on Fairtrade

Can you throw away a microwave?

What do you do with your outdated microwave? You can't just throw it away (Hello, e-waste?)

6 Things to Know About Compostable Plastic

Are they really as good for the environment as we think?

Ocean Transportation: What It Takes To Ship Our Food

What impacts the import and exports of food?

Fuel made from food waste

Did you know you can convert food waste into fuel?

Prebiotics & Probiotics | Ask the Expert

Podcast with Prof Glenn Gibson from University of Reading

Tony’s Chocolonely: More Than Just Chocolate

Tackling poverty, child labour and deforestation

5 Reasons to Use Edible Utensils

You ordered take-out and the restaurant forgot to give you plastic utensils. Maybe that wasn’t so terrible?

Fairtrade Certification | How Does Fairtrade Work?

What does ‘Fairtrade Certified’ really mean?

Why We Need Open Innovation For Our Food System

Transformation through collaboration

Pesticide Alternatives | Organic Farming

Keeping crops pest-free without conventional pesticides

How Flies Make Farming More Sustainable

Have you ever tried an insect? Maybe you won't have to!

Insect Farming | How Insects Help Reduce Food Waste

There are so many ways insects help our environment & agriculture.

Sustainability of Protein Sources | Ask the Expert

Which protein sources are the most sustainable?

Permaculture in Svalbard | Ethical Arctic Farming

Is it possible to grow food locally in the arctic?

Banana Plantations | 3 Sustainable Practices

Can bananas be produced more sustainably?

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