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FoodUnfolded® is a global platform providing science-based insights about the origins of our food, the broader food system and the latest food and agricultural innovations. These are the current positions available within our team:

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FoodUnfolded® - BizDev, Commercialisation and Temporary Strategic partnership

FoodUnfolded® is seeking an organisation/consultant to join us and help us as a business developer. Furthermore, we are seeking a temporary strategic Partnership Manager to support FoodUnfolded’s partnerships development and management (application deadline: September 20th, 2023)


FoodUnfolded® English Editor:

FoodUnfolded® is looking for an English editor to join the team! We are seeking an English Editor to regularly collaborate with our Editorial team. Furthermore, FoodEducators might ask the editor to additionally perform ad hoc tasks or short projects to deliver/complete on the side for their editorial team or programme Manager (application deadline: September 20th, 2023)


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