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Preventing Food Allergies in Infants | Vini Mini | Story Behind Innovation

Jane Alice Liu

Vini Mini is an impact company preventing food allergies in infants with their step-by-step allergen dosage kits. This Amsterdam-based start-up works with medical professionals, researchers and food technologists to develop their kits, providing their products to parents, paediatricians and dieticians. Behind this innovation is the story of Laurie and Jozien, two mothers, friends and co-founders. Watch the story behind their innovation.

Story Behind Innovation feature innovative startups that are contributing to a better food system.

Director & Producer: Jane Alice Liu

Camera Operator: Marcel Ijzerman

Editor: Onur Can Tepe

Colourist: Marcel Ijzerman

Sound Mixer: Henk-Jelle de Groot

7 Minute Watch
Published May 17 2023

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