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Funding and partners

FoodUnfolded is funded by EIT Food. But what is EIT Food?

EIT Food is something called a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC). It's an initiative from the EU body, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). It connects partners from leading businesses, universities, research centres and institutes across 13 countries in Europe and from the entire food value chain. EIT Food is a unique, complementary and open association of actively engaged partners united in the aim to catalyse the transformation of the food sector.

As one of the largest food-related initiatives worldwide, EIT Food wants Europe to lead a global revolution in food innovation and production. EIT Food's ambition is to redesign how we produce, deliver, consume and recycle our food and create a future-proof and effective food sector supporting a sustainable and circular bio-economy.

EIT Food's excellence comes from its partners. The partners represent over 50 of Europe's leading food companies, research and educational institutions. The network also includes The RisingFoodStars Association, which brings together Europe’s best agri-food tech start-ups.

The partnership’s aim is to develop a highly skilled food sector which collaborates with consumers to provide products, services and new technologies which deliver a healthier lifestyle for all European citizens.

FoodUnfolded's content is created together with and by the EIT Food partnership.


EIT Food has been set up with headquarters in Leuven/Belgium and 5 Co-Location Centres (CLCs) across Europe to stimulate innovation, talent development and consumer involvement.

For more information about EIT Food, visit For more information about EIT, visit

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