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What do farmers think of climate policies? | Dutch Farmers | Conversations With Young Farmers

Jane Alice Liu

Mandy and Erik are two dairy farmers from the province of Brabant in The Netherlands. They sit down to have a conversation on the challenges and future of farming in The Netherlands. They share their thoughts from climate policies, agriculture technologies, and experiences with public pressure and misunderstanding.

Conversations With Young Farmers is a FoodUnfolded Miniseries that features conversations between young Dutch farmers and different voices on the subject of sustainable agriculture. Why is it so important to have these conversations? Because understanding one another is the first step towards solutions for a better food system that supports everyone.

  • Directed, Produced and Editor: Jane Alice Liu
  • Camera Operator: Onur Can Tepe
  • Colourist: Twan Peeters
14 Minute Watch
Published May 04 2023

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