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How did we farm in the past? | Dutch Farmers | Conversations With Young Farmers

Jane Alice Liu

How has farming evolved since World War II? How do policies and subsidies impact farmers and their food production? Gerben Boom, a 4th generation arable farmer, sits with his grandfather (Geri), a 2nd generation dairy farmer, for a spontaneous conversation about farming of the past. Gerrit shares his experiences and his thoughts on the future of farming in The Netherlands and world.

"Conversations With Young Farmers" is our miniseries, featuring conversations between young farmers and different voices on the subject of sustainable agriculture. We believe it's important to have these conversations, because understanding one another is the first step towards solutions for a better food system that supports everyone along the chain.

Director, Producer and Editor: Jane Alice Liu

Colourist: Thomas Beelen

Camera Operator: Jane Alice Liu

Sound Mixer: Henk-Jelle de Groot

8 Minute Watch
Published July 03 2023

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