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Aran Shaunak

Aran Shaunak


On the rare occasion he's not trying to tell you something he thinks is interesting, Aran can be found halfway up a climbing wall or throwing together some experimental dishes in the kitchen. Drop him a line if you a) have an amazing yet simultaneously ridiculous project to pitch (he loves those) or b) can teach him how to cook rice (don't judge, it's hard). 


Aran was previously an Editor for FoodUnfolded, and is the current Director of the science communication brand Bites of Science. He's tried his hand at everything from running events for the Science Museum in London to advising London's council on how to use drones in the city, but he's now settled back into his home turf writing, editing and supporting efforts to make our food system more sustainable - and also to convince the world that science is cool if you think about it. 

Articles by Aran Shaunak

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How our ancestors survived eating

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Supporting a summit of the people, for the people

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The fate of our food prices

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Can you keep chickens in the city?

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Sustainable ocean farming flexes its mussels

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Turkey at Christmas | The Origins of Christmas Dinner

What do people around the world eat for Christmas?

4 Modern Foods That Are Actually Ancient

Can you believe ketchup was invented thousands of years ago?

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Will 3D printers change food forever?

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