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Transforming Our Food System | The UN Food Systems Summit

Food is an issue that not only affects us all, but that all of us have a role to play in solving. Here at FoodUnfolded we've invited you to share your voice, hosted inclusive dialogues on key food issues in our food system, and produced a dedicated new edition of our magazine - all to try and make the first global Food Systems Summit (hosted by the United Nations) truly a summit of the people.

On September 23rd 2021, the United Nations is hosting the first global Food Systems Summit, designed to set the stage for the transformation of our food system into one that achieves the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Here at FoodUnfolded, we've partnered with the United Nations to try and ensure that everyday people have a chance to make their voices heard at the highest of levels and are able to participate in this historic event.

Our Food Systems Summit Dialogues

In order to give our community a voice at the UN Food Systems Summit, we hosted a series of dialogues on some of the most critical issues facing our food system and the future of our food. These discussions brought together people from across the food system, including farmers, fishers, policymakers, leading NGOs, researchers and the general public, and focused on the tangible actions that we need to take in the coming years to shape a better future for our food system. We gave our audience a chance to feed into the outcomes of these dialogues, and created visual manifestos as well as a written report to share our findings with the UN for inclusion and consideration at the Food Systems Summit itself. 

Overall, these manifestos call for such actions as improving education and transparency, honesty from food companies, policymakers engaging with researchers, producers and local people, better data on food sustainability and valuing long-term ethical thinking over short-term economic wins. Despite addressing very different topics, when taken together all five of these manifestos for change show us a clear path towards making our entire food system more sustainble.

Interested in exploring the actions our community called for, or in having your say too? Read our 5 manifestos for a more sustainable future of food here.

Our Food Systems Magazine

We're honoured to have been chosen to produce a special edition of our magazine in partnership with the UN Food Systems Summit. This second edition of the FoodUnfolded magazine is bigger and better than ever, focusing squarely on exploring the hidden corners of our food system and what innovations, actions and changes in policy, behaviours and attitudes might help lead us towards a more sustainable future of food. 

Tucked inside these pages are articles, interviews and more exploring everything from the horrifying secrets lurking inside every tin of tomatoes to the true impact of single-use plastic packaging compared with alternatives. But it's not all bad news: dive deeper and you'll discover how sea squirts and mussel farms could help sustainably feed the world, personal stories from farmers dedicated to regenerating the soil, and heart-warming social initiatives that are cutting food waste or changing people's lives by giving them better access to healthy and nutritious food.

It's our best magazine yet, packed full of everything you didn't realise you wanted - and needed - to know about how your food is made. Now available for pre-order!

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