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Vanilla Beans: The Cost of Production | FoodUnfolded AudioArticle

Samanta Oon , Aran Shaunak

You would never know when looking at it, but vanilla happens to be one of the most volatile spices on the global market. On the whole, natural vanilla bean extract makes up only 1% of the vanilla flavour on the global market with the majority of vanilla flavouring coming from synthetically-produced vanillin. Some 1,700 to 1,800 tonnes of demand for natural vanilla is projected for 2020. Around 65% of that will come from the Northeastern region of Madagascar, where the rise and fall of vanilla’s price takes a very real toll on the fates and fortunes of the local community. Listen to our AudioArticle on Vanilla Beans: The Cost of Production.

Article by Samanta Oon
Read by Aran Shaunak
Graphics by Eloise Adler
Sound Design by Jane Alice Liu

Read the full article: Vanilla Beans | The Cost of Production

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9 Minute Listen
Published May 04, 2023
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