Molly Melvin

Molly Melvin


Molly is a freelance writer and museum consultant based in London. She is passionate about the natural world, with most of her childhood spent in the garden mending birds wings, making palaces for snails and reviving thirsty bees. At a house party, Molly would be the girl passionately describing some new scientific discovery she thinks is fascinating to a crowd of unsuspecting victims (careful, she loves dissecting the odd conspiracy theory too). When she’s not talking someone’s ear off about her new favourite bug, mushroom or dog breed, Molly can be found experimenting in her kitchen. 


Molly holds a BA in anthropology from Goldsmiths University of London. She now works as an interpretative developer, where she specialises in creating and tailoring content for diverse audiences - across museums, visitor centres and events worldwide. Before this, she worked at the Horniman Museum, developing content for the anthropological gallery. In her spare time, Molly has undertaken voluntary roles which have seen her independently found and curate the 'FiLiart Prize for Emerging Female Artists’ competition, as part of the UK’s largest feminist conference. She is also an ongoing volunteer at London Wildlife, along with other conservation groups.  

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