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Hand Pollination: Lessons From Sichuan | FoodUnfolded AudioArticle

Molly Melvin, Inés Oort Alonso

Bees and other pollinators play an invaluable role on our planet – from being an integral part of land-based ecosystems to sustaining human agricultural systems through pollination. But how does agriculture fare when these little miracle workers disappear from a landscape? Read on to learn why farmers in China’s Sichuan Province have resorted to pollinating their orchards by hand, and what drove this unusual practice.

Article by Molly Melvin

Read by Inés Oort Alonso

Graphics by Eloise Adler

Sound Design by Jane Alice Liu

Read the full article "Pollinating Orchards By Hand: Lessons From Sichuan, China"

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10 Minute Listen
Published May 19, 2023
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