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Planting Trees On Farms Can Improve Soil | Resilient Farms in Germany

Ute von der Lieth

How does agroforestry and keyline water management help farmers combat drough and the increasing effects of climate change? We visited Heinershof, an organic farm in Franconia, Germany to find out more about how agroforestry and keyline water management works for them.

Director & Writer: Ute Von der Lieth

Camera: Frank Hützler

Camera & Sound: Rüdiger Sturm

Postproduction: B.O.A. Videofilmkunst

Editor: André Knauer

Sound Designer: Ralph P. Bienzeisler

Special thanks to Tina Sickmüller, Philipp Gerhardt and the team at Heinershof

7 Minute Watch
Published August 04 2023

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