The Future

Can Algae Change our Food System?

Arturo Vicario, Inés Oort Alonso

Algae can be used as a food source, supplements, bioplastic material, in animal feed, fertilisers, biofuels and more. They hold a great promise, to improve the health, sustainability, and resilience of our food systems.

In an era when we overexploit our land and sea ecosystems, are we harnessing the full potential of algae?

Discover the amazing facts about algae with FoodUnfolded Editor, Inés Oort Alonso.

Host and writer: Inés Oort Alonso
Art director: Arturo Vicario
Editing and post production: Antonio Canestri
Studio and cinematography: Mattia Migliori, Patryk Pilip
Motion graphics: Eloise Adler
Illustration: Cait Mack

10 Minute Watch
Published October 03 2023

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