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Adapting Farming Practices To The Regional Environment | Resilient Farms in Germany

Ute von der Lieth

Historically, farmers had to adapt to the local conditions of their region, including the livestock they breed to the products that produce. Jürgen and Monika have done the same with their goat farm. They rear Thuringian goats, native to their region in Bavaria, and produce artisanal goat's cheese. As a former power electronics technician, Jürgen modified his diesel tractor to run on electricity. We visited their farm, Waldziegenhof, to learn more about their approach.

Director & Writer: Ute Von der Lieth

Camera: Frank Hützler

Camera & Sound: Wladimir Müller

Postproduction: B.O.A. Videofilmkunst

Editor: André Knauer

Sound Designer: Ralph P. Bienzeisler

Special thanks to Jürgen and Monika Mareth.

8 Minute Watch
Published August 04 2023

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