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Human Stories

How Community Supported Agriculture Works In Practice | Resilient Farms in Germany

Ute von der Lieth

How do CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) work in practice? What does it take to make them environmentally, socially and financially sustainable? We visited Biotop Oberland in Bavaria, Germany to find out more about their ethos and how they have created a community-driven farm.

Director & Writer: Ute Von der Lieth

Camera: Frank Hützler

Camera & Sound: Lorenz Kainz

Postproduction: B.O.A. Videofilmkunst

Editor: André Knauer

Sound Designer: Ralph P. Bienzeisler

Special thanks to Sebastian Girmann, Nick Fischer, Claudia Brettel, Hubert Vosseler and the Biotop Oberland cooperative.

7 Minute Watch
Published August 04 2023

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