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Human Stories

A Self-Sufficient Hay Milk Farm | Resilient Farms in Germany

Ute von der Lieth

Rather than relying on the fluctuating market price of milk, Franz Obereisenbuchner, an organic farmer from Bavaria, processes his own dairy on his farm to produce milk and cheese. We visited his farm, Alztaler Hofmolkerei, to hear more about his approaches to become more self-sustainable, from traditional cheese making to using photovoltaic system.

Director & Writer: Ute Von der Lieth

Camera: Frank Hützler

Camera & Sound: Rainer Berger

Postproduction: B.O.A. Videofilmkunst

Editor: André Knauer

Sound Designer: Ralph P. Bienzeisler

Special thanks to Franz Obereisenbuchner.

7 Minute Watch
Published August 04 2023

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