Dr Ana Baranda

Dr Ana Baranda


Ana is a scientist who, in addition to her work, also likes traveling, reading, dancing or painting. Her curiosity for food makes that every time she visits a different country it is essential to include a visit to a market as well as a taste of its gastronomy.


Ana has a degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Analytical Chemistry by the University of the Basque Country. Since 2005 she works as a researcher at AZTI’s Food Research Unit, in the New Foods area, with the aim of assessing the nutritional impact of new technologies for conservation and stabilization of vitamins and other quality parameters. Her current training is the result of the work carried out in different research centers in addition to AZTI: Hospital del Mar Institute of Medical Research (IMIM, Barcelona, Spain), Institut für Rechtsmedizin (Freiburg, Germany) and Plant and Food Research (Hamilton, New Zealand).

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