Lydia Melville

Lydia Melville


Lydia is a freelance writer based in London. She is a food enthusiast and relaxes by experimenting in the kitchen. Bubbly, with plenty of new ideas and a natural campaigner, Lydia enjoys conversations on all manner of things from cake to climate change. As a child, Lydia loved to question things and that continues throughout her life now. As the eldest sibling of four sisters, home is a crazy comfort and Lydia thrives off a balance of good company and time to rest by reading. Museums are her second home when she just needs time to think. Having recently discovered outdoor swimming, Lydia intends to brave winter swims again.


Lydia has recently completed her MSc Science Communication at Imperial College London. She began working as a Medical Laboratory Assistant during the COVID-19 lockdown while also continuing to write science pieces in her spare time. Before that, Lydia completed a BSc in Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Bristol which fueled her curiosity about what defines health. While studying in the city of Bristol, her blossoming love of microbes began.

Before this, she has worked in various laboratory environments across the UK in Cambridge, Bristol and Manchester as well as completing a three-month placement in Berlin, Germany. In her spare time, Lydia has volunteered for science communication events including Pint of Science and at the Museum of London because the main joy of science to her is connecting with people.

Articles by Lydia Melville

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