Emiliano Guijosa Guadarrama

Emiliano Guijosa Guadarrama


Emiliano has a strong curiosity for the natural world. He is particularly fascinated with the processes that shape ecosystems and even more so with the roles that animals have within them. He fuels those passions by eating all kinds of foods (especially tacos) and exploring both new and old ways for producing good food in fair and sustainable systems.


Emiliano studied a BSc in Environmental Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Since then, he has been working with Panthera Mexico as a field research assistant, studying wild felids (cats) and promoting conservation actions in the landscapes in which they live. He is also trained as an organic inspector in Mexico and is the co-creator and a contributor of Entrópica - a site that showcases content exploring our relationship with nature.

Articles by Emiliano Guijosa Guadarrama

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