Dr Natalie Masento

Dr Natalie Masento


Natalie Masento is a Senior Research Fellow at University of Reading. As a chartered psychologist Natalie investigates how communication and the use of novel methods such as games, apps and technology can change behaviour related to food, nutrition and health. She enjoys playing board games, learning to cook new cuisines and a glass or two of New Zealand wine.


Natalie has a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology from University of Surrey and an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience from Sussex University. She completed a PhD at the University of Reading, exploring the impact of hydration state on cognitive performance and mood. Following her doctorate between 2014-2018 she worked at the British Medical Journal as a Systematic Reviewer, advising on new NICE guidelines and approvals of health technologies. Since 2018 she has been working as a researcher at the University of Reading supporting and leading EU funded public engagement projects.

Articles by Dr Natalie Masento

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