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Benedetta Gori

Benedetta Gori


Benedetta is an ethnobotanist and a food scientist, merging her deep interest in food systems with the study of plants and biodiversity. With a focus on neglected and underutilised species, she is dedicated to exploring how these resources shape culinary traditions, contribute to biodiversity, and offer solutions for more resilient and sustainable food systems. Off-duty, Benedetta might be found climbing rocks, serenading mountain tops with her ukulele, and befriending spiders in her room (each with their own name). She firmly believes that knitting is the new sexy.


After graduating in food science and earning two Master's in Ethnobotany and Plant Conservation, she is now pursuing a PhD at the University of Cagliari and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in London. Her past and current projects include researching on the diversity and sustainable use of native plant resources in West Africa, Colombia, and the Mediterranean region, exploring the connections between nature conservation and human development. Science communicator and author, Benedetta engages with various audiences spreading awareness and curiosity for the intricate beauty and importance of nature and its interconnectedness with human cultures.

Articles by Benedetta Gori

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