Antonio Derossi

Antonio Derossi


Antonio is a concentrated student and a passionate researcher, having his most important ideas early on the morning bike ride. His main interest is emerging food technologies, food microstructure and human-food-computer interaction, always with the aim to contribute to better food security and nutrition. Usually, Antonio works by listening jazz and hard rock music that helps him to keep concentrated, while at home Antonio is surrounded by brushes, colors and canvases due to his love of art and artists – though he is no artist himself!  


Antonio has a PhD in Food Science from the University of Foggia, Italy. He was visiting student during PhD and post-doc at the Dept. Food Science and Technology, University of California (Davis). After many years of experience in the lab, he started to extend his professional network by collaborating with international groups from Russia to Australia. Antonio is part of the editorial board of the international journal Future Foods, and is currently working as researcher at Dept. Agriculture, Food, Natural resources and Engineering, University of Foggia. He is part of the Emerging Technology and Food Formulation Laboratory, which has as one focus the theme of 'Personalized Food Manufacturing'.

Articles by Antonio Derossi

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