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Tomatoes in Italy: The Social Cost of Production | FoodUnfolded AudioArticle

Silvia Lazzaris

Tomatoes are a staple ingredient in many homes across Europe, but the story of how they reach your plate may surprise you. This is a dark story of the invisible people who pick our tomatoes in Italy, but the story parallels many of the other fruits and vegetables we love and eat today, and many of the countries that proudly grow them. The story opens with a rather cheap and affordable tomato sauce tin sitting on a supermarket shelf. It took kilos of tomatoes to make it, countless hands to harvest and process it, and yet the final product is very cheap – perhaps costing even less than 1 euro. But how is that possible?

Article by Silvia Lazzaris
Read by Silvia Lazzaris
Sound Design by Jane Alice Liu

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13 Minute Listen
Published May 04, 2023
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