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Is Organic Food Really Better? | FoodUnfolded AudioArticle

Silvia Lazzaris, Eloise Adler

The organic food market is currently worth $168 billion and has more than doubled in the past decade. Despite being the fastest growing food sector in most European and North American countries, organic agriculture still only contributes to between 1 and 8% of total food sales in the regions. The European Union has now established that by 2030, a quarter of all European food production must be organic, and more and more consumers recognise the organic label. But is organic really where we should be focussing for the future of food production?

Article by Silvia Lazzaris
Read by Eloise Adler
Graphics by Eloise Adler
Sound Design by Jane Alice Liu

Read the full article at Is Organic Food Really Better?

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19 Minute Listen
Published May 04, 2023
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