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Avocado: The Cost of Production | FoodUnfolded AudioArticle

Silvia Lazzaris, Inés Oort Alonso

"During my first year of university, I went to the supermarket to buy an avocado and (it’s with great shame that I confess this) I came back home with a mango. Considering the sheer number of avocados that I eat today - in salads, on toast, as guacamole, you name it - it bewilders me that just a few years ago I did not know what an avocado looked like from the outside. Realising that my friends and family have also gone from ignoring them to loving them in just a few years, I decided to embark on a mission to find out as much as possible about the social and environmental impact of making avocados a staple in one’s diet. Here’s what I found."

Read the original article: Avocado | The Cost of Production

Article by Silvia Lazzaris

Read by Inés Oort Alonso

Graphics by Eloise Adler

Sound Design by Jane Alice Liu

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7 Minute Listen
Published June 16, 2023
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