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The Evolution Of Food Supply Chains | What We Eat Documentary | Episode 2

How does our food arrive? And how can we solve the problems of an increasingly monopolized but also interconnected food system? In the second episode of our docuseries, "What We Eat", we retrace the evolution of our supply chains. Follow Silvia Lazzaris, a Will journalist and FoodUnfolded editor, as she visits Rotterdam, which houses the largest port in Europe, to examine our food transportation system.

  • Host: Silvia Lazzaris
  • Director: Arturo Vicario
  • Writers: Silvia Lazzaris, Arturo Vicario
  • Producer: Federico Vaccarono
  • Editors: Antonio Canestri, Olga Galati
  • Motion Graphic Designer: Katia Monguzzi
  • Colourist: Giulio Rosso Chioso
  • Sound Designer: Alejandro Zannoni
16 Minute Watch
Published May 04 2023

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