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Human Stories

How Beef Production Affects Climate & Indigenous Communities | What We Eat Documentary | Episode 5

What does beef production have to do with crime and climate?

Episode 5 of "What We Eat" follows the dirty money behind illegal land clearings in the Amazon, how beef production affects our climate, and the frightening reality behind indigenous peoples fighting for their land and homes.

  • Host: Silvia Lazzaris
  • Director: Arturo Vicario
  • Writers: Silvia Lazzaris, Arturo Vicario
  • Researcher: Tommaso Moro
  • Producer: Federico Vaccarono
  • Brazil Production Fixers: Caio Vilela, Edimar Tozzo
  • Editor: Antonio Canestri
  • Motion Graphic Designer: Katia Monguzzi
  • Colourist: Giulio Rosso Chioso
  • Sound Designer: Giovanni Nuccio, Andrea Rizzardo
21 Minute Watch
Published May 04 2023

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