What would you do without these 8 foods
November 15, 2018 Jane Alice Liu By Jane Alice Liu My Articles

What would you do without these 8 foods

There’s a bit of controversy around ‘convenience foods’ in its effects on the environment and your health. But, not all convenience foods are microwavable dinners or ready-made pizzas that are high in saturated fats. You might be surprised to find that your cupboards are packed with convenience foods. Seriously, just what in the world would we do without…

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Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

Fruit smoothies would still be healthy, but they’d also be warm and flat. Yum.

Alternative: Freeze your own fresh fruit 

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No more brownies? Pie? Bread?

Alternative: Harvest your own wheat grains, wash and dry them, and then blend them in a blender! Easy.

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Chicken/Vegetable Stock

Soup would still be soup, just a lot more bland (or packed with salt).

Alternative: Freeze your leftover vegetable waste and cook your own stock.

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I could use oil—wait, that’s also a convenience food. Ugh.

Alternative: Milk a cow and churn your own butter.

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Pastry Dough (Pre-made)

It creates some impressive looking desserts. Without it, baking holiday pies might take a bit longer.  

Alternative: Look up recipes for your own pastry dough - though, it may take a few hours.

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I guess I could just have some vegetables and meatballs in tomato sauce, but I’m not sure that would still be considered spaghetti.

Alternative: If we also don’t have any flour, we’ll just have to live without pasta.

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Dried fruits

Camping trips are going to be a lot heavier lugging non-dried fruits around.

Alternative: Buy a dehydrator and dry your own fruit.

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Pet food

So, what should I feed my dog now?

Alternative: Sorry, I’m not a veterinarian so I can’t offer any alternative solutions.

Convenience foods are designed for our convenience. Without them, cooking and baking would definitely take a lot longer. Just remember to be conscious of which convenient foods you buy!

What are some other convenience foods you can’t live without? Let us know below!

November 15, 2018 Jane Alice Liu By Jane Alice Liu My Articles
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