Safflower oil, high linoleic

Safflower oil, high linoleic
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  • Definition

    High linoleic safflower oil is a neutral-tasting oil high in the polyunsaturated, essential linoleic fatty acid.

  • Health considerations

    High oleic safflower oil typically contains around 75% linoleic acid, 17% oleic acid, as well as 5% palmitic, 2% stearic, and 1% of other fatty acids. In rats fed a high fat diet, use of high linoleic safflower oil rather than high oleic safflower oil, led to more cancerous growths in the colon. See: !!Linoleic acid||tsop:linoleic_acid!!.

  • Keep in mind

    Refined safflower oils may contain trans fats as a result of processing; they also lose significant quantities of plant sterols and tocopherols.

  • May be found in

    Vegetable oil, breads, baked goods, tortillas, salad dressings, nutritional supplements

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