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Silvia Lazzaris

Silvia Lazzaris

Editorial Strategy


Silvia is an Italian freelance journalist, writer, and editor at FoodUnfolded® – your go-to person for pitches about the food system's hidden costs, fragility, and resilience. In her work, she often tackles ethical conundrums related to the implementation of new technologies, and the impact of human practices on the environment and local communities. She is also determined to convince the world that Pilates is not the umpteenth cucumber-water fitness class that some people make it out to be. Her guilty pleasure: watching celebrity interviews on YouTube. 


After graduating from her MSc in Science Communications at Imperial College London, Silvia has published on several international media outlets, including Corriere della Sera, BBC, and Wired UK. Together with a group of European journalists, Silvia is a 2020 grantee of the IJ4EU fund for cross-border investigative journalism in Europe, released by the European Journalism Centre. Between 2018 and 2020, Silvia also worked for KCA London, producing content for the master-planning of museums and cultural destinations around the world with a focus on cultural interpretation and cultural diplomacy. She co-authored the book Patterns in Art published in 2019 by Abbeville Press in the United States, and shortlisted for both the AWDA Women in Design Award and the Communication Arts Design Award. She is currently writing her second book.

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