Samanta Oon

Samanta Oon


Samanta is a science content producer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her background is in biological science but she often reads, writes, and discusses a variety of subjects including blockchain technology, pop culture, and diversity in STEM. She is usually found with her head in a book, in a fort made of books, pondering the state of the world. She also brews her own kombucha, and enjoys experimenting with bold, new flavour combinations.

Get in touch with Samanta if you have any questions about food tech, and especially if you have a flavour of kombucha she should try.


Samanta graduated from Imperial College London with an MSc Science Communication. Previously, she was an Assistant Producer at the Radio Science Unit in BBC London, where she worked on Science in Action on BBC World Service and Inside Science on Radio 4. You can find her on LinkedIn.

Articles by Samanta Oon

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