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Natalie Brennan

Natalie Brennan


Natalie is the COO at Manolin, a fish health data analytics company for aquaculture, helping farmers identify fish health challenges sooner to minimise fish loss and upkeep fish health. She is also an avid outdoors woman, with a big love for food and travel. Coming from Australia, and now living in Norway she has revelled in the cultural epicentre that is Europe.


Natalie has a bachelor's degree in Marine Science completed through 3 different Universities: University of New South Wales, University of Tasmania and a semester at University of Bergen. She has volunteered extensively across a myriad of scientific research projects, before moving to Bergen and completeing a Masters in Biology/Aquaculture looking at the waste decomposition potential of naturally occurring polychaetes (marine worms) under fish farms.

Articles by Natalie Brennan

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