Moray Swanson

Moray Swanson


Moray Swanson is a Scottish marine biologist currently trying to crack the social side of environmentalism by studying a Master's in Environmental Sciences & Policy. His favourite pastimes are snorkeling, underwater photography, and listening to and performing music. He recently took up wakeboarding and surfing and continues to practice in the cold Scottish waters despite not being particularly good at them!


After achieving a BSc in Marine & freshwater biology, Moray worked for a cetacean conservation organization in the Canary Islands, followed by a position as head marine biologist on a marine life survey for the Sultanate of Oman. Currently studying for a Master's degree in environmental sciences, policy, and management, Moray is focusing on gaining GIS and qualitative statistical skills with a goal of one day being able to analyze both ecologically and socially how we are managing and conserving our aquatic life.

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