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Michał Janiak

Michał Janiak


Michał is interested in food. He not only likes to try new culinary experiences but his professional career is based on chemistry of food as well as it’s chemical components. He explores our world not only using laboratory equipment - Michał does it also with a wide range of lenses because he is a passionate photographer. He takes pictures of motives so distant as old narrow streets and wildlife.


Michał is an assistant professor in the department of Chemical and Physical properties of Food in Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn. He searches answers in the field of food components such as polyphenols or vitamins, their chemical behaviour and interactions with other molecules such as proteins. Some of those compounds are responsible for taste or colour of daily food. He gathered experience also in the area of alternative proteins. Michał works in few EIT Food projects such as ‘The V-Place - enabling consumer choice in vegan and vegetarian food products'.

Articles by Michał Janiak

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