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Meghan Horvath

Meghan Horvath


Meghan is a Marketing Content Writer at tech scale-up Usabilla in Amsterdam. When she's not cringing at the Oxford comma, you can find her drinking wine and listening to French podcasts.


Meghan graduated with a degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. From Yelp intern, bread baker to food critic of her school newspaper, you could say she has a sweet spot for food. During her year working at the European Food Information Council in Brussels, she shared this passion through writing, social media and EU-funded initiatives, including the birth of FoodUnfolded. She believes in the power of creative communications and online networks in eliciting change, bringing people together and having an impact in general. Feel free to reach out to Meghan as she’s always looking to connect.

Articles by Meghan Horvath

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New and inventive ways of getting probiotics into what we eat are being developed!

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