Marieke van Schoonhoven

Marieke van Schoonhoven

Programme Manager


Marieke is the Programme Manager at FoodUnfolded®. In her free time, she is watering tomatoes on the rooftop farm near her house, capturing local stories for the neighborhood’s magazine, and eating food as delicious and fair as possible. Her greatest passion is sharing stories from people who try to make the world a little better place with their ideas.


Marieke has a MA in Journalism from the Catholic University of Leuven. She worked as a journalist for the Belgian newspaper De Morgen and coordinated the personality magazine of a Belgian sexologist and tv presenter. After that, she set up and managed Eos Tracé at science magazine Eos (the Dutch-language partner of Scientific American). She’s written articles on food and sustainability, co-wrote a book about ‘food smart cities’ and gave talks on, among others, seaweed as food for the future, and how to choose sustainable food.

Articles by Marieke van Schoonhoven

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