Madhura Rao

Madhura Rao


When she’s not writing, Madhura can be found sampling new varieties of tea, reading her favourite feminist blogs, looking for cats to pet in her neighbourhood or scouting for seasonal produce at the local farmers’ market.


Madhura is currently pursuing a PhD at Maastricht University’s Food Claims Centre in Venlo. Her research looks into the valorisation of food waste from the perspective of EU food safety law and policy. She received her MSc in Food Safety from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Madhura freelances as a food science writer and has previously worked with a Dutch public policy organisation specialising in animal feed safety, as a food safety intern with the European Food Information Council in Brussels, and as a food critic for a creative agency in Mumbai.

You can get in touch with Madhura if you have any questions about food safety or if you’d like to share some funny cat memes with her.

Articles by Madhura Rao

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