Lina Dilly

Lina Dilly


Lina is an environmental science communicator. She is passionate about finding ways to combine food production with rewilding nature. Rough and wild landscapes inspire her; on a winter day, she finds joy in exploring high snowy mountains on a hot summer day, she seeks cooling shade in a lush, green forest. On a rainy afternoon, though, drinking tea, eating home-baked cake, and chatting with good friends helps her recharge.


Lina has an MSc degree in International Land and Water Management from Wageningen University with a major in Sustainable Land Management. In 2020 she co-founded Alerce Environmental, a science communication agency that supports environmental scientists and other environmental professionals with their online communication. 

Articles by Lina Dilly

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Declining crop diversity poses a risk to food security and human health

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Are food forests the agricultural future?

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