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Kim Verhaeghe

Kim Verhaeghe

Kim Verhaeghe


Kim Verhaeghe is an editor at Eos Wetenschap and Eos Tracé. He has a broad interest in everything that lives and grows. He loves to learn and gain new experiences. That's why he likes to portray people who talk with contagious enthusiasm about their passion or craftsmanship. Kim pours their knowledge into stories, in text, photos, podcasts or videos. In his free time, Kim likes to explore the world on his bicycle, grow his own fruits and vegetables and enjoy a good beer. Santé!


Kim has a MA in Sport Sciences at the University of Ghent and a MA in Journalism at the Catholic University of Leuven. After a short passage at a local television station and the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad, he joined the editorial team of the popular-scientific magazine Eos Wetenschap, where he was the online editorial manager for several years. Today he focuses on what he loves most: telling stories.

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