Jonathan Koppert

Jonathan Koppert


Jonathan Koppert is co-founder of Bestico BV, a firm devoted to transforming excess biomass into valuable feed ingredients by using insects - addressing two important issues facing the world today; protein shortages and excess waste generation.


Before moving his fulltime focus to Bestico, Jonathan worked as project manager for Koppert Biological Systems. Koppert is a family owned company serving growers and farmers worldwide in their need for biological products to control pests and promote plant health. At Bestico, Jonathan can continue to advocate his life’s mission of working with nature to eliminate harmful chemicals in agriculture’.

In addition to his work at Bestico, Jonathan functions as secretary for the national association of insect producers in The Netherlands (Venik). He is also a Board Member of the International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed (IPIFF) - the voice of the insect sector on issues at the European Union. He is also a Fellow at the GMF Young Transatlantic Innovative Leaders Initiative.

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