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Jonáš Skutka

Jonáš Skutka


Jonas is a systems thinker with passion for communicating environmental sciences. He enjoys exploring unique angles that combine food security with nature and ecosystem restoration. Often he finds inspiration in nature, he loves immersing himself in wild biodiverse landscapes. Curiosity about what it is that makes an ecosystem functional is the main theme of his work. He is a rewilder.


Jonas worked as a content coordinator for the MOOC on Sustainable Tourism: Society and Environmental Aspects on EdX. Later, he co-founded Alerce Environmental - a digital science communication agency, with which he is currently working on a (inter-)national communications campaign for a river restoration project in Austria. He also co-founded Rewilding Academy, where he co-developed a MOOC on Urban Rewilding: Restore Your Local Ecosystem on EdX.

Articles by Jonáš Skutka

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