Jan Klerken

Jan Klerken


Jan Klerken, owner, ambassador, and the main inspirator and innovator of Scelta Mushrooms, comes from a true mushroom family. The Klerken family has been active in the mushroom industry for more than 50 years, of which Jan, as the second generation, for 45 years now.


Scelta Mushrooms is active in five areas: frozen mushrooms, preserved mushrooms, mushrooms as a healthy snack, mushroom flavourings, and wholesome fungi which support the immune system. Their products are exported to over 80 countries worldwide and they pride themselves on being among the world’s most innovative mushroom companies.

Next to his core business in mushrooms, Jan has a strong belief that successful global businesses should ‘give back’ and support their local communities and the wider world where possible. That is why he also founded the Kids University for Cooking Foundation, a non-profit initiative which intends to familiarise Dutch children with the wonderful world of food.

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