Inés Oort Alonso

Inés Oort Alonso

Junior Editor


Inés grew up between the city of Barcelona and a tiny village in the Catalan mountains. During her teenage years, she lived in Canada and Germany, and after studying Earth and Health Sciences in Amsterdam, she lived in Austria, Greece, and Sweden while studying Environmental Science & Policy. She is interested in the security and health effects of climate change and how community and policy-led initiatives sprouting from our food systems can mitigate and adapt to these threats. Outside of reading and writing about climate, food, and policy, she has a passion for running, exploring new cities, reading novels, and capturing wholesome times with friends with her camera.


Aside from her educational background in sustainability, health, and policy, Inés has experience working as a trainee at the Institute of Nature Education of The Netherlands, a scientist at the Institute of Advanced Mediterranean Studies in Mallorca, and an environmental consultant at Deloitte. Currently, she is focusing on researching and writing about how our food systems can be drivers of positive change through innovation and policy reform.

Articles by Inés Oort Alonso

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