Inés Oort Alonso

Inés Oort Alonso

Junior Editor


Inés grew up between the city of Barcelona and a tiny village in the Catalan mountains. During her teenage years, she lived in Canada and Germany and after studying Earth and Health Sciences in Amsterdam, she is now doing an international master's in Environmental Sciences and Policy. She has a passion for health, food and making sustainability mainstream and accessible. In her free time, she likes to run, take strolls and find swimming spots around the city and nature, read novels, and capture wholesome times with her camera.   


As a postgraduate student of Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management, Inés is currently focusing on the policies and practices that could make our food system more sustainable and just. She has done internships in the Institute of Nature Education of The Netherlands and the Institute of Advanced Mediterranean Studies in Mallorca. Additionally, she has volunteered at various environmental and food waste organizations.

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