Erasmus zu Ermgassen

Erasmus zu Ermgassen


Erasmus is a scientist at UCLouvain, Belgium, researching how we can make global agriculture and the international trade in agricultural commodities, such as soy, beef, and cocoa, more sustainable. When not crunching data or walking his dog, Erasmus has written scicomm blogs and articles for outlets including Thomson Reuters and the Conversation.


Erasmus is a qualified veterinarian and has a PhD in sustainable agriculture from the University of Cambridge, UK. His research has been published in journals including Nature Sustainability, Science, Food Policy, the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Global Environmental Change, and Environmental Research Letters, and been covered in news outlets including the Economist, Financial Times, New York Times, New Scientist, BBC, O Estadão, El País, and the Guardian. 

Articles by Erasmus zu Ermgassen

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