Dr. Nadia Bernaz

Dr. Nadia Bernaz


Nadia is Associate Professor of Law at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. She enjoys good food, bootcamp workouts and live metal shows. You can find her on Twitter @NadiaBernaz.


Nadia holds a PhD in international law from Aix-Marseille University in France. She is the author of Business and Human Rights. History, Law and Policy. Bridging the Accountability Gap (Routledge, 2017). Prior to moving to the Netherlands in 2017 she held positions at Middlesex University in London (UK) and at the Irish Centre for Human Rights, National University of Ireland Galway. She has published numerous academic articles on human rights in law and business journals, and has been teaching business and human rights since 2010. She founded and runs Rights as Usual, a blog dedicated to business and human rights

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