Camilla Bendinelli

Camilla Bendinelli


Camilla is an Italian dietitian and digital science communicator. She collaborates with several companies and outlets to create content around science and nutrition, among which the Italian magazine Starbene and the Italian TV programme Ogni Mattina. You usually find her busy on Instagram debunking myths circulating around food, as well as fighting food terrorism and the obsession with calories and weight loss. Her objective is to guide people towards more balanced, intuitive, and less judgmental diets. Her weakness: she really doesn't like fruit – but she does her best to still eat it.


During her BSc in Dietetics at the Università di Padova, Camilla carried out several clinical internships (Pediatrics, Eating Disorders, Gastroenterology, Nephrology) and conducted a 2-year experimental thesis titled “Diet after liver transplantation in patients with leucinosis: is liberalisation really achievable?” in the department of rare hereditary metabolic diseases. The thesis earned her the Best Thesis of the Year award. After graduation, she immediately began to work as a nutritionist, working with patients in her studio and on food education projects in schools, as well as carrying out her dissemination activity on social media and launching her own blog. In 2020, Camilla co-authored the study “Dietary and Lifestyle Patterns are Associated with Heart Rate Variability”, conducted at the Cardiology department of the University of Padua. Currently, she is enrolled in a Master's Degree in Human Nutrition Sciences, to enrich her knowledge in toxicological chemistry, nutraceuticals, and molecular biology in nutrition. 

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