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Anna Ogrodowczyk

Anna Ogrodowczyk


Anna started her adventure with science from the issue of bacteriophage therapies for drug-resistant infections, and has been studying the different roles of bacteria ever since. The most interresting thing for her is to study the mechanisms caused by improper intestinal bacterial composition in the development of allergies.


Anna is an assistant professor in the department of Immunology and Food Microbiology in Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn. She is working in scientific area of allergy, immunomodulative properties of food components, gut physiology and microbiota profile, activity and interactions. For 6 years she has been running the blog "Allergy- the lifestyle, not a sentence". Thanks to her activities, Anna tries to make food safer and build consumer trust to food. She has also 14 years’ experience in social, psychosocial and behavior research as well as in observing the preferences of consumers and market analyses (was working for ACNielsen, Ipsos groups a.o.).

Articles by Anna Ogrodowczyk

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