Alexandra Alcorta

Alexandra Alcorta


I am a nutritionist-dietitian who loves to travel and keep constantly moving around the world while exploring new cultures and habits. I am a strong believer that nutrition is medicine. My goal is to inspire and motivate the population to become their healthiest selves and to find treatments, cures and preventive methods through nutrition by providing the latest information based on scientific evidence. I like to change people’s mindset about nutrition by making them understand is not about a diet but about a change of habits that will lead you to health, happiness and longevity.


I graduated from the University of Navarra in Spain but have studied in several places such as the Pennsylvania State University and Cornell University in United States. I also did a research internship at Oxford Brookes University in UK about gluten free foods and their relationship with glycemic and insulin response and at the University of Navarra about gut microbiota and nutrigenetics. I have worked in the food industry and I am currently working in plant-based project at the the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in Madrid while completing my second and final year of a master’s degree in public health.

Articles by Alexandra Alcorta

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