Emma Berthaud

Emma Berthaud

Graphic Designer


Emma is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator grown on a French Island famous for its potatoes. Beside her artistic activity, she takes the opportunity to put her hands in the ground - or in a dough - as often as possible. She’s now living in Italy, learning to take care of her garden and her trees to face climate change, and getting involved in the local alternative agriculture networks to support her territory’s resilience. One of her loves is flatbread, as a symbol of cross-boarder cuisine.


After graduating in Fine Art, Traditional Printing and Illustration at ESAIG Estienne in Paris, Emma chose to join the Visual and Didactics Master Degree at HEAR Strasburg to get the skills she needed to develop public’s awareness about climate change and to promote sustainable way-of-life. For her degree she worked with the NGO Eco Quartier Strasbourg, which promotes co-housing and eco-construction.

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