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If you’re taking steps to make a positive impact on our food system, then we’d love to discuss partnerships.

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How we work with partners

At FoodUnfolded, our mission is clear: to improve the food system. That's why we partner with like-minded individuals, organisations, publishers and distributors who share this goal.

Our partnership approach is straightforward to ensure transparency:

  • Partner content is carefully selected based on relevance to our mission, audience interest, and thorough research by our editorial team.
  • Partner content prominently displays the name or logo of the partner company or organisation. We'll generally use the format of "FoodUnfolded x 'Name of partner'", but this could change based on the design of the content or branding of a specific piece.
  • Where work is sponsored or payment has been made, it will be stated within the piece of content.
  • All partner content is created under FoodUnfolded's editorial guidelines.
Previous partnerships

Previous partnerships



Isn’t it weird that millions of pumpkins still go to waste each Halloween, carved but not eaten? FoodUnfolded joined forces with UK-based charity Hubbub for their 2023 #EatYourPumpkin campaign, raising awareness of the impact and solutions through educational content. This partner campaign reached a diverse Instagram audience and experienced significant social engagement during the campaign.

Tony's Chocolonely

Tony's Chocolonely

Stepping into the world of chocolate, FoodUnfolded partnered up with Tony’s Chocolonely to produce an illuminating article which gets to the heart of the industry’s challenges. Speaking to their Head of Impact, Paul Schoenmakers, the interview unravels the complexities surrounding one of the world's most beloved treats, including issues such as poverty, child labour and deforestation.

Will Media

Will Media

In a unique 6-part docuseries titled “What We Eat”, FoodUnfolded worked with Will Media, an Italian online community, to explore the most pressing problems and solutions in our food system. Published on Italian streaming platform, Chili, and available on FoodUnfolded’s YouTube channel, this docuseries continues to spark meaningful conversations across the globe and has attracted interest from Italian TV and media.

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